Collaborating on WASH technology research in Africa

WASHTech is exploring collaboration with two other WASH technology projects in Africa.

The CLARA and Water BioTech projects, like WASHTech, are supported by a European Commission (EC) fund for environmental research in Africa. The EC actively stimulates collaboration between the projects that they fund. One of the instruments that the EC provides to support this is CAAST-Net, the Network for the Coordination and Advancement of Sub-Saharan Africa-EU Science and Technology Cooperation.

The EC and CAAST-Net organised a meeting of coordinators of environmental projects funded by the EC Coordinated Call for Africa on 20 September 2011 in Brussels. Participants explored possibilities for cooperation, for instance by clustering related projects. One natural cluster that emerged was that between CLARA, Water BioTech and WASHTech.

CLARA’s coordinator Dr. Günter Langergraber had participated in the WASHTech kick-off meeting in The Hague in February 2011. His organisation, the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences based in Vienna, Austria, is also one of the consortium partners in Water BioTech. WSA (formerly known as CREPA) from  Burkina Faso is a partner in all three projects.

CLARA, Water BioTech and WASHTech could increase their outreach and make it more effective through joint presentations and dissemination activities, and by working together on a common communication strategy. EC representative Panagiotis Balabanis encouraged the three projects to draft a collaboration outline.

A potential first opportunity for the three projects to jointly present themselves is in November 2011 at the Second CAAST-Net Stakeholder Conference on Africa-Europe S&T Cooperation. This high-level meeting offers not only a strategic opportunity for joint promotion of the three projects but also for WASH innovation in Africa in general.

For more information on the other projects see:

  • CLARA – Capacity-Linked water and sanitation for Africa’s peri-urban and Rural Areas,
  • Water BioTech – Biotechnology for Africa’s sustainable water supply –

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