The set up of WASHTech in Uganda

The Ugandan water and sanitation sub sector is not short of new and emerging technologies, however in the recent years, there is hardly any technology that has been adopted into national strategies, nor taken up by private enterprises. One key constraint identified is the lack of ability to take new technologies to scale effectively. WASHTech Uganda therefore seeks to address the problem through research and learning to assess the potential and sustainability of a wide range of technologies and design strategies for scaling up.

At the steering wheel:

In Uganda, the Network for Water and Sanitation Uganda (NETWAS) and WaterAid in Uganda are steering the implementation of WASHTech. NETWAS manages the day to day implementation of the project to ensure embedding of the TAF into the sector, while Water Aid in Uganda is responsible for the action research associated with piloting and testing of the Technology Applicability Framework (TAF).

WASHTech adopted the learning alliance approach to facilitate learning around the development, testing, piloting and scaling up of a Technology Assessment Framework. The learning alliance is structured around existing learning platforms in the sector, from national learning forums to regional & district learning platforms. Lessons and issues coming from these platforms will feed into various existing working groups and vice-versa.

A core team of 12 members provides technical and strategic support to the implementation of the project. These members, who come from line ministries, NGOs and the private sector, were drawn from the various relevant sector and sub-sector working groups mentioned above.,

Conceptual framework of the learning alliance.


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  1. nigel goodayle says:

    Whom can I contact to discuss a technology that has the potential to achieve all of the criterea required?

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