Presenting TAF at an Inter-district meeting.

Mrs. Cate Z. Nimanya, Program Manager NETWAS introduced the Technical Assessment Framework concept to district water officers and Politians during an inter-district on platform on the 23rd/12/2011 held in Waisko district. The inter-district meeting was convened by Technical support unit 5 (TSU 5).

In her presentation, Mrs. Nimanya elaborated on the WASHTech project and its action research. She clearly emphasized that the TAF is a decision support tool that will enable stakeholders to develop a consolidated picture of the applicability and sustainability of the introduction of a WASH technology into a specific context.

The presentation of the TAF raised mixed feelings and anxiety among the participants. Some felt TAF will bridge a gap in the technology introductory process. Some participants expressed that would like to part of the testing of TAF to have a more practical experience.  Information materials including the Country leaflet were shared with the participants.

In the learning alliance approach of the project, WASHTech in Uganda utilizes such existing government initiated information sharing platforms to embed the introduction of TAF into the WASH sector. In the hope that they will adopt, use and scale up its application in they work.

The inter-district platforms are learning and sharing meeting organized by the Technical support units for both the district technical and political wings.  Technical support units are parallel government structures that government has created to co-ordinate, monitor, and quality assure the delivery of government programs in Water and sanitation.

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