The Uganda WASH writeshop is on: WASHTech takes its stand

For three days 22-24th February, 2012, 20 participants from 4 organisations (IRC, SNV, NETWAS, Cartias) and Triple-S will dedicate time aside from their daily work to write. It is difficult to focus on writing due to the busy work schedule characterised by; meetings and answering e-mails or phone calls and strategic program work.

WASHTech Uganda Staff will participate in the writeshop to develop an introductory summary to TAF.  The summary will help stakeholders comprehend TAF in five minutes. The two page summary will be developed during the 3 day workshop among other products.

The Uganda WASH write shop is meant to help each participant to create sharable outputs. The write shop will provide the space and time to focus. Time will be allotted each day to peer-review and proof read each other’s work.

Some of the finished products will be published on Uganda WASH Resource Centre website during the workshop and after.

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