Towards embedding TAF, Mainstreaming TAF into the self supply initiatives for 2012.

WASHTech in Uganda has integrated its upcoming research on the Technology Applicability Framework into the Uganda National Self Supply Acceleration Framework for 2011 to 2015 that is under development. This follows a presentation on the testing of TAF on two supply self technologies namely, the rope pump and Tippy Tap during a self supply steering committee meeting held on the 30th/01/2012 at the Ministry of Water and Environment.

Output 6 of the National Self Supply Acceleration Framework indentifies the need for research to access the potential, applicability and sustainability of self supply technologies. The TAF assessment results on the rope pump and Tippy tap will generate evidence that will attempt to provide answers on the sustainability of these in different specific contexts.   

The National Framework on Accelerating self supply in Uganda is a guiding tool that paves a road map to implement Self Supply interventions in the sector by stipulating out principles, guidelines, roles & responsibilities for each stakeholder and specific outputs that will elevate the stake of the Self Supply come 2015.

In Uganda, WASHTech anticipates to embed TAF into the sector for uptake and scale up through existing learning platforms, the Self Supply steering committee being one of them. Other learning platforms identified are the Sector and sub sector working groups, like the UWASNET Technology working group, Functionality working group, National sanitation working group.

In the second year of implementation, WASHTech will pilot and test TAF. This will be done through a comprehensive research methodology with the aim of evaluating the suitability; usefulness of TAF and for the intended users and purpose.

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