WASHTech Ghana selects WASH technologies for assessment

The Water Sanitation and Hygiene Technologies (WASHTech) project Learning Alliance selected seven water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) technologies for initial investigation. The technologies selected, among others included, the STWS systems – SS filtration and Rope pump for water; the Enviroloo, Aqua privy, Ecosan –biological and Latrine using local materials for sanitation; and the Tippy taps for hygiene.

In a meeting to select these technologies Dr. Kwabena Nyarko, on behalf of the KNUST team (including Dr. R. Buamah and Dr. S. Oduro-Kwarteng) reviewed the water supply technology and innovative approaches. He touched on the objective of the task, criteria for selecting technologies for assessment, and the analytical framework for assessing the technologies.

The objective, according to him was to create a sense of ownership of the project so that the later stages can have maximum impact; and also to select and analyse, five examples of a specific WASH technology that has been tried in Ghana.

On the selection criteria of technologies, Dr. Nyarko outlined the following: i)technologies that have been tried and tested, and found to be successful in the sense that they have achieved impact, scale and sustainability; ii) others that have been tried and that appear to be promising, based on some encouraging success stories from successful pilots that have not yet gone to scale; iii) some that have clearly failed, meaning they have not achieved impact, scale or sustainability and are no longer used;  and iv) still others that are untried but that present new opportunities worth investigating, in that they have been proposed, and perhaps marketed well, but are yet to be tested.

Dr. Nyarko then posed the question of what technologies should be used for assessment and why? With the background provided, using different colour code meta-cards to signify the status of the technology, members discussed and identified the different types of technologies under sanitation, water and hygiene.

The team then identified the following water technologies: i) Successful=  STWS systems (inc SS filters),  Handpumps;  ii) Promising=  Ferrocement tanks, Deep drilling, Shallow boreholes, Mwacafe, Gravity water supply, Solar pumps, Packed treatment plant and Rope pump; iii) Failed= Pedalflow , Genepi; iv) New Opportunity= Sand dam, Flouride removal at community level (centralised).

Sanitation technologies identified included the following: i) Successful= VIPs, KVIPs; ii) Promising= Pour flush, condominial sewerage, waste to energy, van biological, aqua privy; iii) Failed= enviroloo, aqua privy; iv) New Opportunity= Ecosan –biological, manufactured light weight Slabs, latrine using local materials (at Tusando et-al)

The hygiene technologies identified included, i) Successful=Hand washing facilities; ii) Promising= Tippy taps, HH water treatment (filter, aeration, disinfection), cooler, filters

The group then engaged in a brainstorming session to select the five technologies for further investigation. In the process the following technologies were selected: i) Water = the STWS systems – SS filtration, and Rope pump; ii) Sanitation = Enviroloo, Aqua privy, Ecosan –biological and Latrine using local materials; iii) Hygiene= Tippy taps.

The WASHTech project is a three-year EU funded project (FP7), which focuses on technologies for sustainable WASH delivery in Peri-urban, Small Towns and Rural areas. The implementing institutions in Ghana are Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (Department of Civil Engineering), WaterAid and TREND/RCN. -Abu Wumbei/RCN Ghana

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