Technology selection in Uganda, Ghana and Burkina Faso reviewed

A new WASHTech report examines the current situation for the approval of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) technologies in Uganda, Ghana and Burkina Faso, including the Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice (KAP) of various sector stakeholders. It also assesses the need of stakeholders for the Technology Applicability Framework (TAF), which the WASHTech project is developing, whether they would use it and exactly what role it should fulfil.

The report concludes that Uganda has a clear set of guidelines for what water and sanitation technologies are appropriate. Technologies are approved for government funded projects, but there is no formal mechanism for assessing technologies against these guidelines. Ghana has a technology approval process, although it is not formally documented and there are no defined criteria for technologies to meet. The government of Burkina Faso does select technologies for use in government funded projects, but there is no set of criteria or approval process.

All the stakeholders recognised the shortcomings in their country’s technology approval and introduction process, and would welcome the introduction of a TAF to help them select and regulate technologies.

Parker, A. , 2012. Synthesis report on stakeholder baseline studies on technology selection process and the stakeholders’ attitudes. (WASHTech deliverable ; 7.1). The Hague: WASHTech c/o IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre and Cranfield: Cranfield University. 87 p. : 12 boxes.

  • Report of knowledge, attitudes and practices’ study on new technologies introduced to the WASH sector in Burkina Faso
  • Water Sanitation and Hygiene Technology Assessment Framework: Baseline study on stakeholder’s Knowledge, Attitude and Practices in Ghana
  • Baseline study on stakeholder knowledge attitude and practice in Uganda

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