WASHTech Project in Burkina Faso: Assess the success factors of introducing WASH technologies by a scientific test tool

The WASHTech project in Burkina Faso is in its second year of implementation. The key activities of the current year, 2012, are to conduct a technology assessment by using the flagship tool developed in the project, “Technology Applicability Framework (TAF)” and monitoring the documentation of changes made by the adaptation and use of this tool. In order to facilitate the utilization of TAF by WASH professionals, an initial training was held from 27 to 29 February 2012 at the Palm Beach Hotel, Ouagadougou. The workshop brought together the professionals of the WASH sector in Burkina Faso, NGOs and research institutes such as the Pan African Intergovernmental Agency Water and Sanitation for Africa (WSA), the International Institute for Energy and Environment (2iE) and WaterAid, as well as governmental institutions, local government, and the members of the WASHTech Learning Alliance.

This three-day training was the first step in a process of validation of the TAF tool and its use for assessment of possible innovative technologies, sustainable and appropriate to the socio-economic and cultural context of Burkina Faso.

One participant, Mr. Michel Millogo, Project Manager from Action Micro barrage NGO in Koudougou expressed his appreciation: « We are all working in the field of water supply and sanitation which is now recognized by the international community as a fundamental right. We try, together with our partners, to meet the needs of water supply and sanitation in our intervention areas. But increasingly, we see cases in the field related to the incompatibility of WASH technologies, which leads to disaster. This reminds me that this recognized right to water and sanitation is far from a reality in some of our vulnerable communities. However, with WASHTech, we have a consortium consisting of proven experts on issues of water and sanitation. So, we can really make an objective assessment of the introduction of technology within our communities, and make recommendations to draw relevant conclusions so that we can take a big step towards achieving the MDGs.

What is the TAF?

The TAF is a tool for decision on the applicability and sustainability of the use of a specific WASH technology, in a specific context. It gives a view of the likely success of a technology in terms of sustainable development, its probable evolution considering the contextual conditions necessary for a successful introduction of technology. The TAF shall use the information collected during the field visits and verified in the workshops.
Stakeholders will be involved in data collection and this will generate discussions to enhance the results and the tool.  In summary, in line with the expectations in terms of changes Burkina Faso team, the TAF should be adopted by the water and sanitation sector in Burkina Faso as a tool for assessment every new WASH technology to ensure its success conditions and sustainability when introduced in the communities.

Valérie Sorgho-Koutou
WASHTech Burkina Faso, Pan African Intergovernmental Agency  Water and Sanitation for Africa (WSA)


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