Leaflet available on the Technology Applicability Framework (TAF) and the Technology Introduction Process (TIP) Guide

 The SKAT Foundation has produced a four-page leaflet explaining the Technology Applicability Framework (TAF)* and Technology Introduction Process (TIP) Guide, which the WASHTech project is developing.

The TAF has being tested together with sector stakeholders in Burkina Faso, Ghana, and Uganda, while the TIP is undergoing a validation process in all three countries. A final version of the TAF and TIP will be available in 2013.

The TAF helps the user decide if a WASH
technology is sustainable and applicable – or not – in
the specific context of the user. The framework
also indicates risks and supportive factors that
may affect the technology introduction process in
the user’s chosen context.

The leaflet describes the four steps of the TAF process: screening, assessment, presentation of results, and interpretation.

The Technology Introduction Process (TIP) Guide is a management tool that seeks to support the sector in introducing technology options in rural and urban areas. The TIP identifies three phases in the uptake of WASH technologies, each having their own characteristics with respect to the level of investments needed, revenue, and impacts.

The leaflet describes the three phases of the TIP: Invention, with sub-phases “testing” and “launch”, Tipping Point; and Uptake and Use.

* previously called the Technology Assessment Framework

Download the TAF & TIP leaflet here


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