Ensuring sustainable Water Supply: The Case of the Community Management Model.

The Northern Regional learning forum, the first of its kind set out to investigate how the community management model can strengthen the sustainable water supply in the post conflict region of Northern Uganda. Various efforts by government and NGOs have led to increase in access to water in the region, although the functionality of these sources demands on the operation and maintenance practices. Thus the learning forum identified good practices in various districts of the region (Gulu, Amolatr and lira, Oyem. These formed the basis for discussion on what local innovations can be scaled up within the region.

The case studies covered; water source committee performance, collection of water fees, saving & credit scheme (boli chap strategy).    The participants of the learning forum who consisted of representatives of government institutions like technical support unit, WSDF-North, Local government staff from the various districts, NGOs visited the learning sites to have an in-depth analysis of drivers of success that have to be capitalized on to scale up sustainable water supply.

For more information read the summary report 1st Northern Regional Learning forum Unveiled



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