Pre-testing TAF: The Journey starts with the rope pump

The Rope pump is a simple and affordable technology manufactured locally by WATCOM Technical services in Uganda. The rope pump was introduced in Uganda by WaterAid in 2005. Since then the technology has been piloted and adopted in many parts of Uganda. For example Iganga and Mayuge in Eastern and Mpigi in central Uganda. The technology has registered mixed performance results, being classified as successful in some parts and labeled failed in some.

Even with a lot the uncertainty surrounding the technology, WASHTech will apply its Technology Applicability Framework (TAF) to understand the factors that have led to its performance in the sector. But also the research encompasses usefulness and suitability of the TAF as a tool.

In this research, the rope pump will be assessed in areas where it registered success in eastern Uganda in the district of Iganga and Mayauge. The results will be compared to the views of the users in areas where the rope pump did not perform in areas of Mpigi.

The TAF process in assessing technologies does not only securitize the technology only but looks at all factors that factor the technology in a specific context including the economic, social, and financial. The process is multi-stakeholder driven as it aggregates views from all the stakeholder facets such the users, regulators and the producers of the technology. This creates a favorable environment to discus the circumstances around the particular technology in question.

It is hoped that the results of the testing TAF on the Rope Pump will generate information on its usability, applicability and the integrity screening and assessment indicators and guiding questions. This information will be used in customizing the TAF to fit the user requirements but also capture accurate and reliable information. This process will also inform the other rounds of TAF testing that will even look at more technologies including the India Mark II, UDDT, the Tippy Tap and the Canzee pump.

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