Reviewing the Technology Applicability Framework.

Vinny Casey of WaterAid opening the Workshop at Lake Victoria Hotel in Ettenbe Uganda

5/29/2012. Vinny Casey of Water Aid officially opened the Technology Applicability Framework (TAF) review workshop at lake Victoria Hotel in Entebbe Uganda that has brought together all the WASHTech consortium members to reflect on outcomes of testing of TAF in the three Countries of Uganda, Ghana and Burkina Faso.

The review comes after all the teams have finalized the first round of testing of the TAF on the rope pump.  The review provides a critical opportunity to take stock of the research findings and cross-pollinate lessons from the three countries to refine the tool before the next rounds of testing.

The meeting is designed to:

  • review the first round of TAF testing
  • Identify opportunities and challenges to inform planning of the next round of testing
  • Provide feedback on stakeholders answers on research questions for evaluation of TAF
  • Provide update on most significant change
  • Agree plans for the next round of testing

WASHTech consortium members attending a session

Meeting high level agenda:

  • Day 1: Review of first round of testing and embedding:  Begin feedback on TAF and Research questions
  • Day 2: Feedback on TAF and research questions. Discussions of changes to TAF
  • Day 3: Plan next round of Testing
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