Experiences with TAF testing in Burkina Faso

Coulibaly Yacouba Noel presents experiences from Burkina Faso at Lake Victoria in Ettenbe 2012

Coulibaly Yacouba Noel of Water and Sanitation for West Africa shared the experiences from Burkina Faso. In his presentation Noel eluded that during TAF testing, the focus group discussions generated rich discussions. Many people approached during the testing were enthusaiatic to know about the TAF tool.

Others perceived TAF as opportunity to conduct evidence base advocacy to secure funding for WASH infrastructure.  The study team faced challenges with the TAF materials that are in English and the crude translations to French were not sufficient.

Embeding:In Burkina Faso, the project has embeded its work at national level and Municipal level where they presented the TAF and WASHTech project.

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One Response to Experiences with TAF testing in Burkina Faso

  1. valérie says:

    Thank You Michael for this update, we are following you from Burkina. I just want to add for embedding in Burkina that wash authorities took part to rope pump scoring workshop and had good impression on taf

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