Progress on TAF development and stakeholder engagement

The WASHTech project is making progress in Burkina Faso, Ghana and Uganda. Country research teams are testing the draft Technology Applicability Framework (TAF) and various tools  in selected villages for selected technologies in all three countries.

This year, three rounds of testing and field research will take place. As mentioned in the updates on this website, field researchers have been engaged in the first round of research which included capacity building, selection of technologies to be assessed using the TAF, selection of pilot sites for the field assessments and field-testing. Results of each round of testing will be used to further refine the TAF and lead to initial assessments of the selected technologies and of the approaches for technology introduction.

Key sector stakeholders in the three focus countries have been engaged through the research teams and the learning alliances. They have expressed appreciation for the TAF and a clear intention in using the TAF for technology-assessment and monitoring.

Technologies for assessment in 2012 are as follows: 

Country Water technology Sanitation technology
Burkina Faso

rope pump, India Mark II, Sand dam, rainwater harvesting tanks



rope pump, Ghana Modified Mark II, slow sand filtration

Pour-Flush, Enviroloo; Biofil


rope pump, solar pump, Canzee pump, tippy tap, U2 pump, ferro-cement tanks


Read more about progress and stakeholder engagement in the briefing note: WASHTech progress briefing note August 2012


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2 Responses to Progress on TAF development and stakeholder engagement

  1. dietvorst says:

    Reblogged this on WASH Technology and commented:

    See the list of WASH technologies that WASHTech is assessing in Burkina Faso, Ghana and Uganda

  2. pwbtravis says:

    This whole project sound incredible and intensive. Honestly, its very impressive. I realize that you guys are certainly busy but I think that our new, open-source project right up your alley. We’re Project Water Buffalo and we’re trying to provide basic information and stimulate technological innovation for clean water accessibility. Check us out if you get some time, every two weeks we’ll be putting new tech on the site. I sincerely wish you the best with your efforts and will continue to check your progress with vested interest.

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