Reviewing technology assessments and looking ahead

2013 is the third and final year of the WASHTech project. In January, consortium partners gathered in Accra, Ghana to reflect on the project’s progress and map out the immediate future of WASHTech.

WASHtech consortium meeting (by J. Beale)

WASHtech consortium meeting (by J. Beale)

Over the past years, project teams have put considerable effort towards engaging country stakeholders in developing and testing the ‘TAF’, the methodology for participatory technology assessment.

Now, the project has an important task ahead of further embedding the methods and tools, monitoring change and communicating our our research findings and recommendations.

From assessment to applicability
The TAF is now referred to as the Technology Applicability Framework (formerly Technology Assessment Framework), emphasizing applicability of a specific technology in a certain context instead of generic or context-free assessment.

Research teams in the three countries have undertaken three rounds of testing and validation of the Technology Applicability Framework with a wide range of stakeholders. During a 3-day research review meeting, findings from the third round of TAF testing were shared and teams agreed on final adjustment to the methodology.

Making sure the TAF is used
Country teams have made steps towards ’embedding’ the methodology: in each country at least one organization has committed itself to to gradually adopt and promote the framework beyond the duration of the project. These ‘host organizations’ will receive capacity support to apply the TAF and adapt the participatory review process in other contexts.

Until now, a systematic approach for assessing the performance and applicability of a technology in a certain context has been lacking. There is a lot of interest in the methodology.

In 2013 the teams will make an extra effort to widely share the TAF and the Guidance on Technology Introduction (GTI) in Ghana Uganda  and Burkina Faso, and at regional and global sector events.


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