NETWAS Uganda to sensitize stakeholders on need to have sector specific Guidelines for Technology Introduction

In Uganda the water and sanitation sector is not short of new and emerging technologies, however, there is no clear process of technology Introduction, adoption and upscale. Noticeable is Minimal contribution to the Millennium Development Goals. A key constraint to reaching the sector targets therefore appears to be the lack of systems to assess the potential of a technology and take it to scale effectively.

The Water Sanitation and Hygiene Technologies (WASHtech) project seeks to address the problem through research to assess the potential and sustainability of a wide range of technologies and design strategies for scaling up.

WASHtech has in the past 2 years conducted a stakeholder Knowledge Attitude and Practice (KAP) study aimed at assessing WASH technology introduction and approval process in Uganda, conducted a review of WASH technologies on their appropriateness and suitability.

Last year the project finalized the process of developing a robust Technology Assessment Framework (TAF) which was taken through a testing/ piloting phase, and consequently refined to ensure it is a suitable assessment tool for WASH technologies. This year being the final year of the project, a manual (still in draft) to guide the development of country specific Guidelines for Technology Introduction has been developed.

In line with the above NETWAS Uganda, SKAT, the Ministry of Water and Sanitation through the Appropriate Technology Centre (ATC) are organizing a meeting to promote understanding of the TAF and GTI among WASH stakeholders. This will take place from the 13th June to 14th June 2013 at ATC, Mukono district.

The workshop is targeting local government staff, NGOs, private sector and the National Bureau of Standards.


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