Stories of impact of the WASHTech project in Burkina Faso

As part of the WASHTech project’s impact monitoring, each country  team used the Most Significant Change method and collected stories from sector stakeholders. These served to document and understand the degree of use of TAF / TIP and the importance of the tools for actors in their country.

With the project drawing to a close at the end of this year the team in Burkina Faso has been collecting stories about the changes that the project and its tools have had in the lives of sector stakeholders. Stories of change were collected within state structures, NGOs and individuals working in the sector of water and sanitation to enable the team to document and understand project impacts. The issues covered in these stories are:

  • The impact of tools on the actors
  • The future of the tool at the country level.

– See more on WSA’s website.


About Carmen da Silva Wells

Working on sanitation and hygiene behavior change, knowledge sharing and storytelling. Learner, lover of life, colour & people who make me laugh.
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