Tools for sustainable service delivery

What sustainability tools do you have in your toolbox? (credits: veryuseful/ FlickR)

What sustainability tools do you have in your toolbox? (credits: veryuseful/ FlickR)

What sort of tools do you need to support more sustainable service delivery? Sustainable Services at Scale, the Triple-S project- has developed a tools survey to inventorise the kinds of tools that could help improve water service delivery.

The survey complements a tools landscaping exercise currently underway. An initial mapping of ‘sustainability checks’ used by donors and NGOs to monitor sustainability of their WASH programmes has been completed. Now Triple-S is embarking on a broader exercise to identify tools used to support various aspects of sustainability, for example asset management, cost analysis, institutional capacity. It is expected that the TAF will be included in this broader review.

Triple-S is a six-year, multi-country learning initiative to improve water supply to the rural poor. It is led by  IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre and operates Ghana  and  Uganda . Lessons learned from work in countries feeds up to the international level where Triple-S is promoting a re-appraisal of how development assistance to the rural water supply sector is designed and implemented.

Results from the landscaping exercise and survey will help Triple-S promote existing tools, identify gaps and areas of high demand, and, ultimately, develop new tools to meet the needs of organisations seeking to fund, design, implement or monitor water and sanitation services that last.


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