3. Uganda

WASHTech is present in Uganda and is coordinated by Netwas Uganda. For more information see the Uganda WASHTech Brochure.


29 May 2013

NETWAS Uganda to sensitize stakeholders on need to have sector specific Guidelines for Technology Introduction

In Uganda the water and sanitation sector is not short of new and emerging technologies, however, there is no clear process of technology Introduction, adoption and upscale. Noticeable is Minimal contribution to the Millennium Development Goals.

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3 April 2013

Assessing the potential of solar powered pumping for domestic water supply in Uganda

In Kanungu district of south western Uganda, the Technology Applicability Framework (TAF) work was used to assess the potential of solar powered water pumping in the country.The exercise involved representatives from the Ministry of Water and Environment, Technical Support Units (TSUs),Kanungu district local governments, local NGOs, research institutions, private sector enterprises and beneficially communities.

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21 September 2012

Sustainability of solar water pumping in Uganda

A new video highlights steps of using the Technology Applicability Framework (TAF) to assess the potential solar powered water pumping for domestic supply in Kanungu district of south western Uganda.

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23 July 2012

Assessing the Urine Dry Diversion toilet

“The Technology Applicability Framework (TAF) is a very good tool, when applied it will enable us to answer lots of questions and avoid duplication of technologies to better understand the context before introducing any technology” Buguma Patrick Team leader Technical support unit 2 of Ministry of Water and Environment.

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29 May 2012

Experiences of Testing TAF in Uganda

Geofrey Kidega of WaterAid Uganda shared the Ugandan experiences with using TAF in Iganga and Mayuge districts on the rope pump technology.

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14th May 2012

WASHTech presents at the Develoment Partners’ Joint Technical Review 2012

The Joint Technical Review of the Water and Environment Sector was  on the 24th to 26th in lira district.   This year’s theme focused on “addressing environmental challenges for sustainable development” with aim of accessing the progress made towards the implementation of the JSR 2011 undertakings.

The Joint Sector Review will comprise of Field visits to various sector programs in Pader, Amolater, Oram and Adwari Local governments. The field visits will be followed with two day’s intense reflections on sub sectors of Water and Sanitation, Water Resources and Environmental and Natural Resources.

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14th May 2012

Pre-testing TAF: The Journey starts with the rope pump

The Rope pump is a simple and affordable technology manufactured locally by WATCOM Technical services in Uganda. The rope pump was introduced in Uganda by WaterAid in 2005. Since then the technology has been piloted and adopted in many parts of Uganda. For example Iganga and Mayuge in Eastern and Mpigi in central Uganda. The technology has registered mixed performance results, being classified as successful in some parts and labeled failed in some.

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14th May 2012

Ensuring sustainable Water Supply: The Case of the Community Management Model.

The Northern Regional learning forum, the first of its kind set out to investigate how the community management model can strengthen the sustainable water supply in the post conflict region of Northern Uganda. Various efforts by government and NGOs have led to increase in access to water in the region, although the functionality of these sources demands on the operation and maintenance practices. Thus the learning forum identified good practices in various districts of the region (Gulu, Amolatr and lira, Oyem. These formed the basis for discussion on what local innovations can be scaled up within the region

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13 Feb 2012

The Uganda WASH writeshop is on: WASHTech takes its stand

For three days 22-24th February, 2012, 20 participants from 4 organisations (IRC, SNV, NETWAS, Cartias) and Triple-S will dedicate time aside from their daily work to write. It is difficult to focus on writing due to the busy work schedule characterised by; meetings and answering e-mails or phone calls and strategic program work.

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13 Feb 2012

Activating the UWASNET Technology Working Group.

WASHTech seeks to utilize all opportunities to embed the Technology Assessment Framework in the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene sector under its learning alliance approach. Fortunately, the Uganda Water sector has a vast array of such windows of opportunity. The Uganda Water and Sanitation Ngo Network (UWASNET), the umbrella organization for all NGOs in the WASH sector set up thematic working groups to foster learning for change among the civil society organizations in the sector. Such as Technology, Functionality, Good governance, Software thematic working groups.

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13 Feb 2012

Towards embedding TAF, Mainstreaming TAF into the self supply initiatives for 2012.

WASHTech in Uganda has integrated its upcoming research on the Technology Assessment Framework into the Uganda National Self Supply Acceleration Framework for 2011 to 2015 that is under development. This follows a presentation on the testing of TAF on two supply self technologies namely, the rope pump and Tippy Tap during a self supply steering committee meeting held on the 30th/01/2012 at the Ministry of Water and Environment.

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31 Jan 2012

Presenting TAF at an Inter-district meeting

Mrs. Cate Z. Nimanya, Program Manager NETWAS introduced the Technical Assessment Framework concept to district water officers and Politians during an inter-district on platform on the 23rd/12/2011 held in Waisko district. The inter-district meeting was convened by Technical support unit 5 (TSU 5).

In her presentation, Mrs. Nimanya elaborated on the WASHTech project and its action research. She clearly emphasized that the TAF is a decision support tool that will enable stakeholders to develop a consolidated picture of the applicability and sustainability of the introduction of a WASH technology into a specific context.

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23 Nov 2011

WASHTech: Promises for visibility in the WASH sector in Uganda

Within six months of the introducing the Technology Assessment Frame (TAF) concepts, evidence suggests that the TAF is being recognized in the WASH sector in Uganda as acknowledged in the Sector Performance Report (SPR) 2011.

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23 Nov 2011

The set up of WASHTech in Uganda

The Ugandan water and sanitation sub sector is not short of new and emerging technologies, however in the recent years, there is hardly any technology that has been adopted into national strategies, nor taken up by private enterprises. One key constraint identified is the lack of ability to take new technologies to scale effectively. WASHTech Uganda therefore seeks to address the problem through research and learning to assess the potential and sustainability of a wide range of technologies and design strategies for scaling up.

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