Outputs and deliverables

WASHTech has a total of 36 formal deliverables related to the various areas of work in the project. You can find that list and the completed deliverables updated on this page at any time. Each deliverable may itself also be introduced and commented as a separate item on this website. Other outputs that are not formal deliverables are not included here, except for critical documents that have a major impact on the project.

This page compiles the deliverables per work package:

Work package 1 – Consortium management

  • Consortium agreement with partners

Work package 2Situation analysis on WASH technology introduction

Work package 3 – Framework process design, development and finalisation

Work package 4 – Pilot technology assessment

  • Research methodology and data collection guidelines
  • Final review of TAF structure and data collection
  • Burkina Faso technology evaluations and recommendations
  • Ghana technology evaluations and recommendations
  • Uganda technology evaluations and recommendations

Work package 5 – Recommendations for sector strengthening

  • Burkina Faso recommendations
  • Ghana recommendations
  • Uganda recommendations
  • Generic guidelines on innovation processes and going to scale
  • Validation procedures

Work package 6 – Establishment and facilitation of learning alliances (LAs)

Work package 7 – Monitoring and impact assessment

Work package 8 – Communications and information dissemination

Work package 9 – Coordination

  • Synthesis report

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