Using the TAF to evaluate handpumps in different contexts

One of the exciting outputs from the WASHTech project has been the piloting the use of the Technology Applicability Framework (TAF) to assess the India Mark II in Burkina Faso, Uganda (U2) and Ghana (Ghana Modified) and the Rope Pump in all three countries.

From this we start to get a picture of the strengths and weaknesses in different contexts. TAF results show (unsurprisingly) that it is often the institutional factors that are more important than the technical ones, but that good design and quality control are still essential.

The summarized technology recommendation briefs are short case studies that present the main findings and recommendations from TAF testing of a specific technology in a specific context. They are available on, which is hosted by RWSN.  As TAF is applied in other locations, more case studies can be added to the site.

Map showing TAF case locations

Map showing current TAF case locations


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