Research process

WASHTech is an action-research process. This means that the research will go through various iterations of questions and answers, hypotheses and testing of these hypotheses in practice. We expect the WASHTech research will follow a course that is not very straightforward and will keep the team grapple with constantly changing questions and issues. This will be the place to keep updated in this process.

Inception phase (January-September 2011)

The preparation of the TAF is informed by reviews of technology uptake in Africa.   These have been compiled through reviewing available literature and conducting key-informant interviews.   These reviews will give an overall picture of how technologies are developed, approved and taken up, and what needs to be in place for a technology to be successful.   This will be used to develop the criteria that form part of the TAF.

A baseline study on the process of technology approval and the attitudes of stakeholder to technology has also been undertaken.   An impact assessment will be conducted after the TAF has been introduced to the three participating countries and compared to the baseline study.


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