WASHTech: Promises for visibility in the WASH sector in Uganda

Within six months of the introducing the Technology Applicability Framework (TAF) concepts, evidence suggests that the TAF is being recognized in the WASH sector in Uganda as acknowledged in the Sector Performance Report (SPR) 2011.

On page 163 of the SPR, table 11.7, it is indicated that NETWAS, through the WASHTech project, is supporting the development of a technology assessment framework for appropriate technologies including domestic rain water harvesting, the rope pump and the Canzee pump.

The participation of NETWAS in the Self Supply Steering Committee of organisations that are promoting the concept in Uganda contributed to the inclusion of this highlight in the SPR.

Opportunities and Challenges

As the WASH sector anticipates adopting and using the TAF, the Sector Performance Report 2011 represents an opportunity to stimulate discussions in the sector on the rationale, use and need for a TAF through targeted advocacy.


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